Trademarks for Aussies going global

protect your greatest asset, you brand

Protect your brand when you trade in a foreign country

Legitible is based in Australia and we work with leading USA, Europe and Asia Intellectual Property Law Firms to apply for your trademarks in the countries you want to trade in.

As you invest time and money into developing your brand
reputation, it can be damaging to your business is someone else was to use your brand in a foreign territory. A trademark registration in Australia is just that, protection in Australia.

Imagine losing your brand to a stranger because you were too slow to apply for your trademark? 

If you are already manufacturing in Asia, USA or other international countries or your brand is already selling in foreign territories,
you need to seek trademark ownership.


don't lose your brand to a pirate

Trademark Protection

We will manage your Asia, USA, Canada, Europe and other global territory trademark applications so you can grow globally

Stolen Brand

If you are manufacturing, marketing or dealing in a foreign country, how protected are you?  Is your brand already stolen?

Simple Process

We have made the process for you to apply for your international trademarks efficient, transparent and straightforward

Trademark Search

Are you able to apply for your brand in a new country you want to trade in?  We can find out and help with your growth strategies

Australian Trademark Attorney to manage your international applications

we make applying for your international trademark a simple process

your brand is everything

Brands we manage for Australian IP Owners

Fashion brands
Premium apparel
Shoe brands
Sports and Athletic
Surf and Street
Lifestyle brands
Sporting and Outdoor
Baby and Nursery
Toys and Games
Hobbie and Craft
Textile and Furnishings
Beer, Wine and Spririt brands
Beverages and Water
Software brands
Tech Disruptors
Professional Services
Science and Technology
Beauty and Cosmetic
Health and Wellness
Organic brands
Vitamins, Supplements

Legitible protects
Aussie brand owners discovering
overseas growth