Fixed Fees

simple and transparent fees to apply for your global trade marks
protect your brand globally

Global trademark applications for Aussie brands

To simplify your global trade mark application strategy, we utilise a system to streamline the process when applying for one or many international applications.

Through one application, we are able to seek protection in single or multiple diverse countries and/or regions. 

You are able to access this service which to simplifies international procedures and costs to trade mark owners, just like you.

We are able to file in English, even if the countries you select to apply for trade mark protection require applications in their native language.

One filing system.
Fixed filing fees.

We can provide transparency of each country's filing fee.
You decide which territories to seek trade mark protection to match your global trading.
protect your brand where you sell

Fixed Filing Fees. No kidding.

It Does Not Pay To Wait

Many Australian companies and brand owners are already operating across the world without significant trademark protection.

We can assist you in planning your brand growth future.

It is not uncommon for opportunistic local manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and even consumers, to realise that your brand isn’t registered as a trademark and attempt to register it first.


Time to plant your roots in the international markets where you create income.  Or be prepared to lose this market to another trade mark owner.

What is the cost of not applying

Are you prepared to not enter a new territory or be forced to cease trading in that lucrative market?

Do you have deep pockets to defend an international infringement legal proceeding?

These can be the reality of not acquiring trade mark protection where you are servicing international customers or manufacturing under your brand name.

Legitible is made for Australian trade mark owners. Let us help you grow globally.

Let us help you sell globally.