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Trademark protection in global countries for Aussie brands

When you already have a terrific Australian brand and you are expanding internationally for growth then trademark protection is critical.

Legitible will help you register your Australian trademark if you have not already, and then work through your globalisation strategy to apply for specific trademarks in specific countries.

Identifying target markets for trademark applications that protect your growth strategies is a basic requirement.  

If you are designing, manufacturing, distributing or retailing in a foreign country you must ensure you own your brand.  Otherwise someone else will.

How much is your brand worth?

The costs to protect your brand overseas is far less than if you are forced to rebrand and start again.
Get smart. Get your brand as a trademark.
Brand Ownership Is Everything

Trade Mark Protection Services

Trademark Strategy

We will help you determine where you are today and where you need to be in the future.

Many Australian brands and brand owners are already trading internationally without critical trademark protection in place.

It is not unusual for savvy local manufacturers, distributors, retailers and even consumers to realise that your brand is not registered as a trademark and try to attempt to register it first.  

You then end up having to buy your brand back or even lose it forever in that market.

Simple Application Process

We know how to apply for trademarks in international countries.  On the back of your great Australian trademark, Legitible takes the lead on applying for your trademarks in the international markets you seek protection.

Legitible is made for Aussies.

We offer a transparent fee structure with upfront costs per country so you understand and budget for your growth.

Out proven process simplifies what could be a complex program to apply for your trademarks.

If required, our global network of intellectual property law firms can assist with more complicated applications to provide comphensive local knowledge.

Trademark Search

The world is a big place.  Is your brand available outside of Australia?  

Our trademark search by our partner brand Untapped Agency® provides a comprehensive report as to which trademarks are already registered in the foreign territory you wish to enter and whether they will impact on your application.

Trademark searches can provide critical information as to potential infringement if you attempted to trade in that new country. Or even if you brand has been stolen.

Depending on your search results, Legitible can assist you devise a new international trademark growth strategy.

Trademarks let Aussies grow globally